Every year, each year, a slave deserves a memorable day. My husband’s 41st birthday is coming up later on in the month, and I feel just like treating him special for that day. What this implies is that I can schedule a day with him under consideration. Typically he gets his pleasure from doing the things which actually please me. Today, I consider doing this for him. Well, ok, in a paradoxical sense, it’s for him. : ) I haven’t decided everything he will be able to encounter that day, but I have a few concepts and would like to share them with you. If you have a few ideas of your own, be happy to e-mail me and share them : ) Below is a suggested chronology, a “Birth-Day in a Life ” of sorts

600 : He wakes up.

6:05 – 700 : He gets the youngsters prepared and off to the bus.

7:05 : Wake me up.

7:05 – 7:15 : I’m taking him in my mouth and bring him close to orgasm…spinning him off a number of times and sending him to prepare my bath.

7:15 – 7:45 : While I bathe, he will then :

* Prepare my breakfast
* Lay out clothes he’d like to see me in
* Report back in to my bath to :
O Heat up the water
O Shampoo my hair
O Scrub my back
O Be my personal soap dish ( his mouth )

7:45 : Towel me off.

7:50 – 8:05 : I’ll eat my breakfast now…in my robe with him giving me a fast pedicure.

8:05 – 8:35 : Time to bring me to my first orgasm of the day, maybe two.

8:35 – 8:45 : Time to bring him close again…and reject.

8:45 – eight hundred and fifty : He has five mins to get soft, or I’ll have to ice down his willy.

850 – 9:15 : Calesthenics – Jumping jacks, pushups, step climber, and sit ups. I’ll be certain to sit by him and count each repetition. I’d make stuff like situps a little more fascinating for him…squat over him and have him kiss my butt on each rep, or kiss my foot on each push up descent.

9:15 – 9:20 : He has five minutes to shower and shave ( including his genitals ) – He better not cut himself.

9:25 : The CB-2000 goes on.

9:30 – 10:30 : Bondage hour : He gets tied in one or two positions in the course of the hour. Blindfolded, ear muffed and absolutely immobile. Standing, sitting, and lying…spread eagle and hog-tie. He is left alone for short periods or is compelled to smell diverse items of clothing or body parts. No erection is authorized due to the CB-2000…poor baby.

10:35 : The first of a few birthday whacks : Kneeling in front of me, hands held behind his back -.
Face slaps.

10:45 – 12:00 : His first Birthday Challenge – “Anchored Organization” : His hands are cuffed both in front of and behind his neck ( cuffs in front, thumb handcuffs behind ) and he is exposed ( excepting the CB-2000 ) on his knees. His pants are removed and a five lb weight is attached to his scrotum by an eight inch rope resting on the ground underneath him 41 pairs of my shoes and boots are placed in a pile on the far side of the room His Challenge is to make his way over to the pile ( pulling the weight behind him ) and, using just his mouth, organize my shoes in size order inside color ( light to dark ) in pairs in neat lines. If he succeeds in this Challenge, he will be permitted to kiss each pair before he places them back into the closet. During this Challenge, I am going to sit back and enjoy a good book. From time to time, I could need him to work his way over to me on the far side of the room and smell my toes or kiss my ass prior to going back to his Challenge.

12:00 – 12:30 : Lunchtime! Well, at least it is time to eat again! In other words, time for my second orgasm. As a rare treat for him, I’ll sit on his face and reach back and squeeze his balls in the cb-2000, while he eats me.

12:35 – 12:45 : He prepares a light snack for me. He must wait until he’s taking me out later for dinner to eat.

12:45 : I attach a thin rope from the base of his scrotum ( outside the CB-2000 ) and up through his butt crack to the loop at the rear of his jeans.

12:50 – 3:30 : Time to go shopping! To the local mall, to pick out clothing for me : ) intermittently, I may grab the rope at the back of his pants and give a good tug. His job is to follow behind me as I walk thru the stores, hold the packages, and offer his genuine interest and opinion on the items I inspect. He can kneel outside of the dressing room while waiting for me to try items on. Time to buy a pair of boots! No salesman required, he’ll willingly assist me in putting them on my feet.

3:45 – 400 : Pick up the kids at the bus stop and bring them to their sleepovers.

4:05 – 4:15 : it is time to melt the nipples…they will expect a great deal of attention tonight. He’ll start by counting 42 birthday smacks with the riding crop on each nipple.

4:16 – 4:20 : Nipple clamps on the nipples. I know they’re sore, so he should thank me copiously as I tighten each in effect.

4:25 – 5:25 : Time for more frustration : First, I’ll put on my favorite leather slacks. They are lambskin, tight, wet, very savoury and he loves them. Then I’ll tie him spread eagle, face upwards on the bed. Next,I’ll gag him by putting one of the socks I wore inside my boots all day into his mouth, shoving them all the way in and tying them in with an ace bandage around his head. Then I’ll climb on top of him and sit just above his head facing his feet. I’ll linger there pulling the chain between his nipple clamps knowing that, gagged in that way, his only air must come through his nose and he’ll be inhaling nothing but leather perfume. After a bit of this, I’ll lean over and remove his CB-2000. I’ll extend my legs to either side of his head then grab his head from behind and lift it and clamp my thighs tightly, holding his face as far as it will go into my ass. Then I’ll rake my nails across the head of his erection. He’ll jerk, but between the ropes holding his ankles and wrists to the bedposts and my thighs immobilizing his head, he won’t be able to move much. Next I’ll switch to a light touch, barely touching the most sensitive parts of his penis and scrotum until he’s straining for more contact. Lastly, I’ll masturbate him quickly, pulling the chain on his nipples, squeezing his head. I’ll stop just before his orgasm, get up, and walk out for a while.

5:30 – 5:45 : When I return, I could remove his nipple clamps, check his bonds, replace the CB-2000. Then I can climb on to his face and enjoy another orgasm.

5:50 – 5:55 : After my orgasm, I’ll return my attention to his nipples. I may twist them in my fingers before replacing the nipple clamps. Then I may wait about 30 seconds and remove them. Then I could replace them again and remove them again. Four or 5 iterations, waiting 30-60 seconds between will often reduce him nearly to tears ( to make it more sufferable, he can suck my toes to use the time ). Then I should put them on the last time, untie him and send him to the shower to get cleaned up for dinner. He’ll dress in his tuxedo ( without the nipple clamps ). He’ll be overdressed, for certain, but that’s’s ok with me.

6:15 – 900 : he’s going to take me to a superb resteraunt in Manhattan. I’ll enjoy my fave dishes and drink wonderful wine ( which he will smilingly pour ). He will enjoy his birthday dinner composed from salad and water ( he could stand to lose a couple of pounds ). I can take home some left-overs maybe for him to enjoy off the soles of my feet later on in the evening.

9:15-9:45 : On the ride home, he’ll enjoy the pressure of his nipple clamps back again, and he’ll sit on a softball as he drives.

9:50 – 11:00 : Removing his nipple clamps, it’s back to the bedroom for some more fun…his birthday is nearly over! It is time for his birthday spanking. Over the knee for his 41 + one spanks, first 42 with my hand, second with a paddle. Then I may hog-tie him on the floor on his belly and let him kiss my feet 42 times on each foot while I whip his butt with my riding crop…one stroke, one kiss. Next, I may retie him spread eagle, face upwards on the bed again. I will tease him with my feet again, put the nipple clamps back on again, and masturbate him close to orgasm a number of times. Then I could remove his clamps, light a colorful candle, put a condem on him, and mount his willy. I will drip the wax onto his nipples and ride him till he begs me to stop because he’ll come if I don’t. I could let him enjoy his well-deserved orgasm. I am sure it will be a good one! I will not stop riding him till he’s’s begging me to stop again. Then I will dismount him and grab my dildo, invert his condem onto it, inside out, and have him suck it until all his semen is gone.

11:05 – 12:00 : it will now be time for my last orgasm of the day. He’ll bring me to a final climax using his fingers, tongue and a vibrator. Then we’ll snuggle for a little while and I’ll roll off to sleep while he massages my back.

all in all, I would say he’d have a WONDERFUL birthday!