I got the call late afternoon and I was excited! Not only was it potentially the largest and best house I was going to put on the market, but the owner was one of the loveliest girls I had ever met. She rang to say that she was going to use my company to sell her home but she wished to debate a few things with me first. As you can guess I am or was, an Estate Agent. Possibly as it was late in the day, or even more likely, because I deluded myself thinking that I could be on for a little bit of additional marriage with a gorgeous girl, I didn’t tell any of my staff or put the appointment in the diary, what a mistake that turned out to be.

The house was on the fringe of town off a country lane, and I approached it through imposing gates and a long isolated drive. As I pulled up she came out to meet me looking even better than I recollected. She almost certainly stood six feet tall in her stiletto heels, her long red hair flowed over her shoulders. I imagined she must be something gigantic in the town, as she was wearing a unblemished business suit, and I rather dreamt that the black nylon I could see led up to a suspender belt. As I got out of the automobile she fixed me with her piercing green eyes and gave me an enormous, though I’ve got to admit not an especially warm, grin. pleased to see you again David she claimed as she held out her well-manicured hand. Her skin was soft but the grip was not, as she gave my hand a good long squeeze. My hopes where raised as she invited me into the drawing room for a drink. There we sat and made tiny talk, though i must say I was nearly speechless in her presence, such was her beauty and demeanour I felt almost threatened. Drink up! she revealed I need to show you something upstairs before we discuss business terms. This was it! I didn’t need asking twice, I downed the wine in one and stood up, or tried to.

I don’t know how long I was out but I slowly woke to find myself on my knees, lent over something similar to an amalgam of a saddle and a weight lifting bench. My hands were strapped to the front and side and my ankles likewise restrained on the side and rear. There was something across the back of my neck that held my head still as my chin sat in a type of dip at the front so that my face pointed forward. The chill I felt told me I must be exposed. I could feel a slight draught between my raised and spread ass. What the hell was happening? Is this some silly nightmare? I wanted to scream out but my mouth was full with something rubber. I tried to spit it out but I realized this also was restrained by a strap around my head.As I awoke I could her talking. At first I thought it was a TV, then I recognised the voice as my supposed client. “At last our subject matter shows signs of life, let me now demonstrate how quickly I can get this totally unsuspecting specimen to obey my commands”. She strode towards me, her heels clicking loudly on the hard floor. My situation had caused an adrenalin surge. I was awake and quickly surveyed what I could of my surroundings. I appeared to be in some kind of cellar but it was well lit and I could see why. As well as my client there were at least 2 others, men, pointing cameras at me from the front and side. My client got close. I was right about the stockings but now the business suit had been replaced by a black corset. Her flowing locks where now secured in a severe ponytail. To the side of her head was attached a microphone, the sort that you have seen ‘Madonna’ use on stage. This kept her hands free of course because in one she carried a bamboo cane!

She continued her commentary to camera. What you need to remember is that a subject like this isn’t the same as the ready weasels that pay for your service. He is going to need a little bit of work on your side, but believe me, the results will be rewarding. With that she decreased her head towards mine. Well, this has got to be a trifle unsettling for you, you need to be wondering what is happening to you she revealed virtually sweetly Well stop it! From this point on you do not think for yourself. With the cane swished across by bum making me writhe with the sudden pain. Your old life is over, your sole purpose is to serve me and do my bidding. First you’ll need re-conditioning. The very first thing to learn is that you do not talk unless told to do so. She started to undo the strap around my head then pulled out the rubber gag. What the hell. whack, went the cane, Why are you .. Whack! Another one even harder I ca.. Whack! I tried 1 or 2 more times to speak with the same effect till I realized she wasn’t going to stop until I did, and the discomfort of the constantly rising strokes became intolerable. Tears were streaming down my face, my buttocks stung with unthinkable discomfort.

Right, now we will begin to re-build your life without interruption. She was so calm and she had not even broken a sweat. What was this girl capable of? Your name is Gregory and you will remain in my household until I haven’t any further use for you. You’ll do as I say without question, at first from fear of discomfort, but soon because it’s going to be your true pleasure. Serving me will be your life! she walked to a cupboard and removed a strap-on willy, one of the many on display. She put it on as she spoke your most important duty will be to offer a service to a couple of my many clients, generally male, some female. Listen to me when I say the men will be kinder to you. When you are with them, you’ll obey them as you would me.
She put the cane in the cupboard, removed a cat of nine tails and then disappeared from my sight. Before I have the pleasure of your virgin ass, i need to teach you how and when to speak. I am your femme domme and shall always be known as such. Because you are now the lowest of the low, you’ll address all blokes as Sir and all women as Madam. This will include all other slaves that you will come into contact with. Do you understand? I paused, the pussy-cat ripped at my back. Yes femme domme. Now, you love cock, don’t you Gregory? After a slight pause I revealed yes. It wasn’t quick enough and damn, I didn’t remember to say femme domme. I paid heavily of the lash. She wasn’t ecstatic this isn’t good enough! I need you to beg me to fuck you like a dog! Please fuck me like a dog I replied. Again she lashed at my back much more severely. I do not want you parroting me! I would like you to say it because you mean it, because you desire me and as you need cock! Another lash hit its mark. Please, please fuck me femme domme, I am probably a unclean bitch, I like to have cock within me I pleaded. that is’s better.

James, come over here, we’ve got a virgin desperate to be fucked. One of the cameramen left his post to come towards me as I felt something cool being rubbed in my anus. You would love to suck James dick, would you not Gregory? Yes femme domme, I might. Please Sir, am I able to suck your cock, I cannot get enough. My femme domme laughed at this. A fast learner aren’t you, or are we seeing the genuine you? With this she entered me and the shock took my breath at first but once deeper it just felt uncomfortable. We took the freedom of cleaning out your bowels while you where asleep as I hate any mess. As she thrust deeper and harder James dropped his trousers to free his cock, which made my five inches look rather pathetic.Another lash centered my mind. You have gone quiet! Do I not give you pleasure? Are you not thankful for what I am doing to you? I am sorry femme domme, your expert fucking and the appearance of Sir’s cock left me speechless, please fuck me harder! she did and James put his cock to my mouth, at which I obliged by opening wide. With my head restrained I could not do anything except offer a hole for him to fuck. This he did with gusto, ramming his large dick down my throat causing me to gag. To my awe I realized that my own cock had sprung into life. How could this be? I’m not gay, this disgusts me! But the truth was I could feel my hips moving back and forth with the thrusts of my femme domme, my cock rubbed against the leather of the restraining stool, the thought and feel of this massive cock pulsing in my mouth and this gorgeous woman fucking me was sending me raving. See our bitch go now! she giggled he’s going to come. Fuck him harder! This they did, the wonderful pain between my legs and the ever-throbbing joint in my mouth did the job. As James exploded his come down my throat, I did the same.“What do you have to say for yourself?” she asked as they both stood up from me. “Thank you femme domme”. She turned smiling to the camera to continue her commentary. As she did so James released me from my straps. I did not know what to do so I stayed where I was. I felt strange. Although in pain I felt almost euphoric. Any thoughts of my previous life where at the back of my mind, all I could think of was what this cruel Goddess, my femme domme, had in store for me next.

Get up Gregory, there is more to be done today. You have earned the right to learn the art of worshipping me. When I enter a room you must fall to your knees with your face to the floor and await my instruction. Well, what are you waiting for? once more the lash struck, this time against my chest. I duly required. From time to time you’ll have the honour of performing certain jobs for me. It can be anything from vacuuming to cleaning my toilet with your mouth. You may do these things right away without question. Do you understand? Swish, the lash went across my back Yes femme domme. I was beginning to fear questions.

You have left a mess behind, see! Lick it clean you disgusting animal! I raised my head and realised she meant my ejaculate against the restraining stool. I crawled across and did as instructed. This was less than pleasant. Just the idea made me sick but I attempted not to let it show. See the bitch is hungry for more, she’s going to be a good asset. I licked it clean till my mouth was dry. That looks like a good job, come and do the same for my shoes. As she presented them to me she lent forward and spat on her shoe. Now for some spit and polish she laughed. I was thorough, even the undersides and heels where put to me for both shoes. I ultimately stopped when told, my mouth dry as a desert.
parched are we? I believed so , that’s why I shall put a hold on your punishment for not thanking me for your duties. S-sorry, femme domme I stammered you’ll be, but first let me slake your thirst. Lie on your back. I did as instructed, she crossed to a drawer to retrieve a tube with a funnel. I am allowing you to have the best drink of all. She put the tube in my mouth. The ‘strap on’ had gone earlier. Now she undid one or two poppers in the base of her corset and held the funnel under her. Naturally I realized what would be coming my way. It was the worst drink I had ever had but I didn’t want to spill a drop, partly from fear, but also because, unusually, I felt honoured to sample my femme domme’s nectar. The speed of flow made it difficult but I was able to drink it all and I lay on the floor happy with myself.

Stand up, Gregory she claimed, nearly friendly. Are you beginning to enjoy the experience? I grinned yes femme domme In a split 2nd her expression changed, there had been a wildness in her eyes. At the same moment, with great skill, speed and force, she kicked me between my naked legs. No grin on my face now as I fell to the floor. You piece of shit she screamed. How dare you suspect you can ever have pleasure! As I slid forward to my knees she released another kick, knocking me backwards.
Up Gregory! Get on the table and lie down! She pointed to a white linen covered, hospital examination bed. I got to my knees but did not get any higher, so I crawled. I got to the table but couldn’t pull myself up. She kicked my ass, I got higher bit by bit till I reached up and dropped onto the table. Thanks femme domme.
As I lay, I realized how much agony I was in. I saw her retrieve something that I recognized from a drawer. It was a piercing gun. She approached with it indicating me. As I mentioned, you aren’t here to enjoy yourself. Just in case you forget, I have a constant reminder for you. She quickly managed to pierce my distended pubic area in two places and the end of my foreskin before inserting rings into each hole with great ability. She then attached a padlock in such a manner that I knew that I had potentially had my last erection. It was unpleasant, but on top of everything else it barely mattered.My femme domme, now in control, turned to face the camera. And there you have it ladies, the finished article. Now a few of you may feel my methods are too extreme, and pointless. In fact , you may have as many willing slaves as you would like. But listen to me none will give you the service or satisfaction that Gregory will give me. There is one final piece in the jigsaw of his training. It’ll stop any silly thoughts entering his head. As I have claimed, he should know what I am capable of, that his life is mine now to do with as I please. He will write a suicide note for his family. This may be left in his automobile with his garments close by, at a spot on the coast feted for it’s powerful currents. His body will never be found.