Let Me tell you about one of My recent adventures… Slave richard is one of my most devoted slaves, and he was duly rewarded with a private Session after completing My Cyber Correction Course. When he arrived, I ordered him to strip naked and crawl to the corridor under the staircase. Many have cupboards there, but I don’t. The space is occupied by a strong wooden dining chair with square arms and a cane seat. I took the rope I had earlier placed beside the chair, tied his wrists together, and ordered him to stretch his bound arms up as high as he could so I could tie his wrists to the bannisters above his head. I took a broom handle from below he chair, and ordered him to stand with his feet apart and kneeling down. I tied first one, then the other ankle to the ends of the broom handle, spreading his legs apart as far as they’d go. “I am not quite satisfied yet ” I whispered in his ear, pleasing in the look of apprehension now on his face.

manufacturing a second broom handle, I pushed his knees apart and again tied the handle between them, leaving his cock and balls totally exposed, and slave richard helpless. He told me that he was uncomfortable and wanted to bring his knees together a bit. I giggled at him… “Do you think I actually care about your comfort? Actually I don’t want to hear the sound of your whining at all”. I again reached under the chair for 2 scarves. The 1st I pushed into his mouth, filling it completely, and the second I tied round his jaw as a gag, keeping the first headscarf resolutely in place . “Now I have you wherever I want you, and there is definitely nothing you can do about it and no way you can call out”.

It was correct. He was helpless and exposed. I had another touch to contribute to his bindings – I produced a last headband and tied it around his eyes – My power over him was complete. I did not talk to him again, but picked up the telephone. “he’s’s ready now”, I said, and five mins later , forever to slave richard, there was a knock on the front door. Even with his gag and blindfold I could see that he was frightened, stretched exposed and defenseless in the hallway. He could only hear my voice and, to his shame, three others, all Female. “he is’s not much to look at, but here he is and you can do anything you like with him. We have all night”.

Slave richard looked terrified but his cock was erect as he sensed the women surrounding him, looking at him as they would a tiny insect they were about to squash under their heel. Their silence made the moment even more tense. He felt hot breath on one of his nipples – femme domme Midnight blew on his chest. There was breath on his cock, his stomach, his neck, exasperating because there was no relief from the teasing. We ran our hands over him, caressing, provoking, exciting but never satisfying. His cock strained and bobbed as his excitement built, but his fun was soon to finish.

concurrently our hands stopped their work and Mistresses Madelaine grabbed his balls hard, while I pulled apart the cheeks of his arse and pushed a vibrator in roughly, violating him to the depths of his body. Knowing better than to cry out, slave richard made pathetic mewling noises underneath his gag. “Time to fuck, I think”. The others concluded, I withdrew the vibrator and femme domme Anastasia pulled his arse cheeks open again. Slave richard could feel something bigger pushing against him. “This is a strap-on cock ” asserted femme domme Midnight. “It is bigger than your tiny tool, is harder, and will never go soft. Do you like fucking? ” naturally slave richard could not answer. He could not even clench the sides of his arse together to stop the penetration. Mistresses Anastasia and Madelaine held his shoulders femme domme Midnight pushed the plastic cock deep into his body and started moving backwards and forwards, quicker and faster, but his humiliation wasn’t yet complete.

I struck him across his nipples, forcing him to tense and groan. Repeatedly he heard the swish as the cane struck his upper legs, stomach, cock, balls. His ordeal was lengthy. As one Goddess bored with fucking him, so the strap-on was passed around, and so was the cane. Slave richard hung from his bonds, defenseless, violated, hurting and in the power of 4 women. Ultimately we stopped his torture and removed his gag and blindfold. “Beg for mercy ” I commanded.

“I beg femme domme, I beg… ” he sobbed.

“Do you recognize the error of your past life and swear to treat women with supreme respect for the rest of your unhappy life?”. He swore as I asked, damaged and wiser. Freeing his hands, I ordered him to masturbate in front of the Mistresses, while they mocked his inferior endowment. Falling to the ground, he kissed My feet and the feet of the other Goddesses, thanking us for his punishment.